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"MULTHOUSE" company was created in 2015, and produces animation. The main range is stop-motion animation.Professional animators and producers, creative artists, sculptors and musicians are our team. We are sure that hand-made animation can carry more warm emotions. We don't animate just for a project, we want our cartoons to be interesting for both kids and parents, to make them laugh together and help them communicate...
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150 kg of clay, 365 days of production, 20 great artists, more than 40 figures, hundreds of ideas, 30 musical instruments, more than 100 hours of recording. The technology of animation is unique - all the figures are handmade. No 3D printers, only clay and stop-motion technique...
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Fun cartoons about numbers. Animals meet numbers and want to look like them. Look what came out from this. These stories will help children to easily learn numbers and simple mathematical actions.
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